Short film trilogy, inspired by the music of Now, Now.  

Each film takes its name from a track on the album 'Threads': Wolf, School Friends & Lucie, Too (though see if you can spot the hidden references to their older tracks) with each tale following a different character - Wolf, Ava and Lucille respectively.

All three films examine the boundary between love and hate, explore fragility in the dynamics of even the strongest of relationships and question the combination of popcorn and chocolate buttons as an acceptable snack.

Shot over a period of 6 days between November 2014 and July 2015 (we were limited to weekends..) these films were made with love, sweat and cheers and finally finished in 2016. We very much hope that you enjoy them. 


Director's note: We hit a number of roadbumps/roadmountains making these films, so they aren't quite up to the standard I had set out for in terms of the writing, directing, editing and sound - which I take full responsibility for in my roles on this project. I am however ridiculously proud of the insanely talented actors and crew members who worked on Threads, their work alone deserves to be seen and gave us the motivation to complete these films with the footage we had to the best of our ability. I could not be more grateful for their incredible work, belief in our ideas and for sticking with us on this crazy long journey! LOVE LOVE LOVE.


Three tales. One thread. Watch it unravel.


DISCLAIMER: Whilst inspired by the music of Now, Now; these films are (almost) entirely fictional and we are in no way affiliated with the band.